Our Roadmap

    MoonPets is a fresh kind of game that’s all about adventure, treasure, fun, and unexpected surprises. In the game, you collect and send pets on exciting journeys where they gather materials to make stuff, find treasures, and earn MPET tokens! These pets get better as they go on more adventures.

    The game is made by folks who know a lot about crypto and gaming, and they’ve been doing it for over 5 years. You’re welcome to come and be part of our gang to help make MoonPets’ world bigger and better together!

    • Q3 2023

      August: Initiate WL process
      September to november : Game Development

    • Q4 2023

      December: Alpha Testing and Feedback
      January: Beta Testing

    • Q1 2024

      February: NFT Minting
      March: Game Launch

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