Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible for the weekly giveaways, enter your Telegram ID & wallet address that fits any of the below criteria Click here.

Staking with:

  • ✈️ UTOPIA & TF ALPHA – Moonbeam
  • ✈️ UTOPIA & TF ALPHA – Moonriver
  • ✈️ UTOPIA & MoonPets.app – Moonbeam
  • Holding any 🦊MoonPets NFT
    Note: Please keep all of your MoonPets in one wallet (The staking one if applicable), as this will give you a combined weight.

The process involves a random selection of 100 winners from a pool of tickets awarded through various staking mechanisms of GLMR and MOVR, as well as MoonPets NFT.

GLMR staking: The ratio is 1 ticket for every 500 GLMR staked.

MOVR staking: The minimum bonding requirement for MOVR is 5, meaning that for every 5 MOVR staked, 1 ticket is awarded.

MoonPets NFT: MoonPets, a digital asset with varying rarity scores, also contributes to ticket accrual. Each MoonPet’s rarity score is multiplied by 0.02, and the resulting value is awarded as tickets. As with other ticket-earning methods, fractional ticket values are not permitted, and only integer values are considered.

Royalty Staking Bonus: GLMR holders are additionally granted 1 ticket per week as a loyalty staking bonus.

Example, if John has staked 10,000 GLMR, 28 MOVR (assuming a minimum bonding of 5), and owns 2 MoonPets with rarity scores of 85 and 30 respectively, the total number of tickets earned would be calculated as follows:

  • GLMR staking: 10,000 GLMR / 500 = 20 tickets.
  • MOVR staking: 28 MOVR / 5 = 5.6 tickets. Rounded down to the nearest integer, this becomes 5 tickets.
  • MoonPets: (85 + 30) x 0.02 = 2.3 tickets. Rounded down to the nearest integer, this becomes 2 tickets.

The total number of tickets earned from the above calculations is 20 + 5 + 2 = 27 tickets. In addition, as a GLMR holder, John would receive 1 ticket per week for a total of 10.5 weeks, resulting in an additional 10 tickets earned. Therefore, the total number of tickets John would possess is 27 + 10 = 37 tickets.

The wallet must be sent by before Sunday 14:00 UTC for the next Sunday draw.

If there are revoke or unbonding the GLMRs during the raffle weeks, you are not eligible for the royalty bonus.

It is sufficient to complete this form only once per address.
Please be aware that your Telegram ID & wallet address could be shared upon request with the TFA DAO, which consists of 30 members.